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It is sad for us to see our puppies go but we don't feel like we are loosing a puppy, we are gaining a family! We love updates on our puppies and look forward to photos and keeping in touch. Part of bringing a Lakylu Cattle Dog into your home is reassurance that we are hear to help along the way. We enjoy brags, photos and we want to know when you might have a concern or hiccup in your training too. Keeping in touch is important to us as breeders! We will do what we can to help support you and your new puppy and answer questions you may have!

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Tiger X Reign
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Reign X Bruno
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Paige: Girl (Reign X Tiger)

Paige is the best puppy! LaKyLu Kennels knew what I was looking for in an ACD and since they are raised within their family, handled every day they get to know the personalities of the puppies. They picked the sweetest little pup for us.

~Melinda W. from Texas

Lexi: Girl (Reign X Bruno)

She (Lexi) was bought for my wife and grand daughter, but ACD’s have a way of picking there owners, she chose me. My constant shadow, wants to do every thing I do and go everyplace go, even rides on the lawn when I mow. She is asleep in my lap as I write this. The only dog we have ever owned that has complete run of our home, we have 2 other ACDs. Not enough room her to tell all about the joys this little dog has brought to our family in such a short time. Now, about the breeder. LaRena is a wonder person, she goes above and beyond when it comes to her dogs and working with kids. Just look at her website and you will see. LaRena, keep up the good work, God Bless.

~Henry Teer from Louisiana